Sunday, January 30, 2011

New sweets and treats!

I'm always looking for new ideas, trying to develop new products, and brainstorming how to execute them. After some recent inspiration, I decided to try out a new item: Baby Cupcakes.

Similar to the diaper cake concept, Baby Cupcakes use common baby items that are formed to resemble cupcakes. The effect is further supported by the display. Just as diaper cakes are stacked to resemble a tiered cake (at least in most cases), cupcakes are placed in cupcake wrappers and for a finished effect, placed in bakery boxes. I've worked on two ideas thus far for display purposes. The first, a twin-pack with two cupcakes placed in a treat box and the second, a four-pack - for which I was able to obtain a windowed box that really amps up the display. These particular cupcakes incorporate baby wash cloths. I'm currently working on developing different types of cupcakes that utilize other baby items. I am also conceptualizing improved presentation ideas to give these cupcakes a really put together and professional look.

The future is looking bright, I have a few other cupcake concepts as well as ideas for other "treats" that I hope to present soon. I also have some additional ideas for diaper cakes and other gifts, some of which involve the mini cakes that I introduced last month. With any luck, I'll have new pictures and blog posts coming up in the near future!