Thursday, September 13, 2012

Choo-choo - Take Two

The original train cake with
bold blues that matched the
shower colors as well as the
 bouquet and candies that
completed the set.
Not long ago I was contacted by women who was looking for a basic boy diaper cake. She sent me a picture of a simple cake with a large bow on top. She asked me if I was able to make a cake similar to this. I let her know that I could certainly make a cake for her and I suggested that she check out some of the pictures on my Facebook page to see if any of the cakes that I had made previously struck her fancy. She responded that she really liked the train cake I had made previously (as well as a currently stocked buggy); but, she requested a few modifications. We were both very fortunate that the primary baby items included in that previous cake were still available so I was able to create a similar gift.

Adapted train cake with bow topper and
softer color tones.
The biggest difference in the cake that I made and the one that she wanted was that she didn't care for the paper shred. This, of course, was easy enough to remove from the design of the cake. The biggest challenge in that case was finding something appropriate to do for the top of the cake. I borrowed from the picture she had sent me previously and opted to add a large bow rather than the shred for the top of the cake. Another change for this cake was that I used basic baby blue and white for the primary colors of the cake. The original train cake included a lot of different shades of blue which was by request of the person who ordered it. For this cake she wanted very basic baby blues, colors that are very traditional for boy showers.

Car buggy with softer color tones
that compliment the train cake.and
create a cohesive "vehicle" theme.
I love that this cake not only demonstrates my ability to re-create cakes I've done in the past; but also that I am able to tweak the cakes for my customers' individual tastes. This cake turned out adorable and fortunately coordinated quite well with the car buggy that the customer requested to purchase as well. Of course, the best part of the whole project was that my customer loved the gifts that she purchased.