Friday, June 17, 2011


Here I go again, recreating things I've done. While most my previous recreations are adapting things to a smaller size, I now have up-sized. Biggie sized. Super sized. And we are done with the fast food references... This time, it's the cupcakes that get the attention.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to add baby cupcakes to my product line introducing a cute little way to present washcloths and other baby items. To get the right effect, the baby gift needs to be presented in a cupcake wrapper. The first ones I did were great and with a little tweaking, I figured out how I wanted them to look. The regular sized wrappers presented a bit of a problem though. Their size limited what baby items could be used. For a bigger or bulkier item, a larger cake wrapper would be needed.

Introducing, the Large Cupcake. With the assistance of a larger cupcake wrapper, I was able to create a cupcake with a baby bodysuit and a coordinating washcloth. With a few more embellishments like a "cherry" on top and final wrapping, this can be a modest gift or several could be placed around a shower location as sweet little decorations later to be sent home with the expectant mom.

I was very pleased with this addition to my product line and would have stopped there if I hadn't seen the stack of coffee filters in the pantry. Coffee filters look strangely like giant cupcake wrappers, so I had to keep going and create the Jumbo Cupcake! With this cupcake, I could incorporate even more baby items and larger items for yet another gift. This first one I created included four washcloths and two terry burp cloths. This too will need some mild tweaking in the form of a "cherry" on top and the final packaging. Again, these could be given as a modest gift or several could be placed around a shower as decorations.

I am very excited about these two new items and have since updated the product catalog that I keep (a binder with individual pages for each type of gift with a description, pricing, and pictures to give examples of each item). Now, since I started all this, I need to see if a mini-cupcake is in my future. I'm not too sure since those wrappers are awfully tiny, but you never know!