Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrating the holidays...

In thinking about new ideas for diaper cakes, I reflected on the display cake I had created for Christmas. One of the things I thought about is that diaper cakes often fall into the same patterns of being all dedicated to gender themes. Occasionally, they are decorated in the theme of the nursery or the shower. I wanted to step out of the box for a bit, so I created a few more of the mini cakes for the holidays. After all, babies are born at all times of the year and showers can alway incorporate non-baby themes like holidays. The bonus? Most holidays insight a plethora of baby novelties, especially in the form of bibs, socks, and clothing making the addition of holiday specific baby items easy. If nothing else, basic holiday colors and decorations can be used for the diaper cake.

Right now, Easter is the next upcoming holiday, but I wanted to create a couple of display cakes to demonstrate the options that are possible. Perhaps I'll keep up with future holidays, assuming I don't forget. Two of the holidays that have passed since the Christmas cake that I made are Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. I thought these would make good themes for cakes. Similar to the Christmas cake, I used materials I already had, so they are more focused on the colors of the holidays than baby items declaring "Baby's First" but those can always be incorporated into cakes that are made for gifts.

The Valentine's cake I made first. It included hand rolled diapers to create two mini tiers. A white burp cloth and red wash cloth were added to the tiers. White sock roses added to the overall theme. A pink pacifier and pink heart shaped teether added decorations which primarily makes this cake a girl cake, however, other less gender specific items can be used in a similar cake for a boy. The cake was then topped with a Valentine's stuffed dog. One new addition was the inclusion of paper shreds. I've seen this on many diaper cakes and wanted to add it to see how the effect worked. Initially, I thought it would be messy, but it turned out to be and easier addition than I thought and as long as it's used moderately, the mess is limited.

I then built the St. Patrick's Day cake. Again for this cake, since I used items I already had, it too lacked the "Baby's First" charm, but I was still able to incorporate items that tied it to the holiday theme. Again, the mini tiers were built with the hand rolled diapers. Wash cloths and a burp cloth were used to cover the tiers. White socks, green teethers, and a green pacifier provided extra decoration. To add a little St. Patrick's day flair, leprechaun hat decals were added to the ribbon on the bottom tier and a Shamrock cut-out was added as a topper. Again, for this cake I added the paper shreds.

These cakes were made solely as examples of the options available and were taken apart soon after the pictures were taken. They were essentially practice cakes for me. I also tried something new for the pictures. Starting with the spiral cake I made not too long ago, I continued the same idea with these cakes to create a solid background that would give a more professional look in the photographs.

These cakes provided not only some great pictures for anyone looking for a new idea for a diaper cake, but also gave me some great insight for new concepts and decoration options I can incorporate in the future. It's just one more step into growing and improving. I'm looking forward to future cakes as well, and if I stay on top of things, I'll be presenting an Easter themed cake soon as well.