Thursday, October 10, 2013

Butterflies and Flowers

Not long after creating my Noah's Ark "diaper cake," another friend of mine contacted me about creating a diaper cake for a friend of hers. She wasn't sure what would work, so I asked for the registry information to see if I could find some inspiration. Fortunately, a lot stood out to me. The expectant mama had registered for a lot of butterfly items and a few thing with flowers. One thing in particular was a butterfly and flower carrier toy set that I decided to use to guide the direction of the cake.

My friend wanted a "naked" cake, so I created the form and began to add items that coordinated with the toy set which was hot pink and pale pink with a little bit of yellow. I created some adorable washcloth butterflies which is something I've done before, but these were smaller and had a different look to them. I also added several washcloth flowers to coordinate as well. I also included some additional items such as socks and teethers. The final decorations included some die-cut flowers.

I really like how this cake included a lot of usable baby items which is a signature thing about my diaper cakes (unless requested otherwise). My friend loved it and so did the mom to be, which is always my main hope.


  1. The mom told me later that she loves the way you "roll" the diapers. It was so much easier to use them later after she took apart the cake. She said another cake she had received rolled them and used rubber bands so the diapers didn't lay flat later. She was very impressed.

  2. So glad to hear it! I used to roll all the diapers individually, but I've switched entirely to doing the spiral design. As you mentioned, it's a lot easier for the new mom to disassemble this style and new moms really don't need extra work!