Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Building an Ark

A friend of mine was helping to plan a baby shower at work. He was gracious enough to share my business with his colleagues and they loved my work and were interested in a small diaper gift. They wanted a buggy with a Noah's Ark theme. Easy enough, right? Not so much...

The basic buggy has a blanket, some wash cloths, a burp cloth and may or may not include additional baby items. As popular as Noah's Ark is as far as baby items go, I have never seen receiving blankets or washcloths patterned as such. I decided I'd look for some Noah's Ark printed ribbon I'd seen in the past an maybe add some toy animals to the buggy. Apparently, the ribbon is popular because I checked several stores and online and the few sources that carried it were out if stock. Back to the drawing board.

As I continue to think what I could do, I contemplated adding ark and animal die cuts to a buggy when I was struck with an idea. Why not build an ark? Sure, it sounds crazy, but it had the potential to be really cute. I decided to take the chance and make one. If my friend didn't like it, I could just go back to the buggy idea.

First, I had to get the basic shape which I built up with diapers. It took a couple tries, but with a tan blanket strategically folded around it, the ark was coming together and looking rather boat-like. I added a few details such as a roof and I had ordered some toy animals, in pairs of course, to add to the ark.

The final ark was so adorable and my friend loved it (as did his co-workers). If I make another, there may be some additional tweaks, or added baby items. We'll see. I'm just glad I had the opportunity to try something a little different and see what could develop!

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