Friday, May 20, 2011

The Newest Addition to the Product Line!

I'm excited to add another gift option to my product line! This particular gift has been in the works for over a year, believe it or not. I'm glad to finally have it put together in a way I can be proud of. What is this gift? Without further ado, I present, the baby bottle.

This picture is mildly embarrassing, but
here is my original bottle concept.
In March 2010, only a few months after I started making diaper cakes, I started to experiment with some other ideas for gifts. Among those ideas were the baby buggies (which you've probably seen) and baby bottles. I liked how the early experiments with the buggies came out and they were added to the product line fairly early on. The baby bottle and other ideas (which may or may not be further developed) weren't up to par and I decided to put those ideas aside for a while. My original concept for the baby bottle contained several stacked uniform tiers that I wrapped in a receiving blanket. Washcloths were used to create the nipple effect. I felt that the overall look of the bottle was lacking and the gift might not be recognized as a bottle.

After seeing several large bottle shaped diaper cakes available through Etsy and Ebay, I decided to revisit the project. Rather than create a large gift (around 30 diapers) as I had seen before, I wanted to make a smaller gift. I may create a larger one in the future, but for now, I like the size I chose. For this bottle, I used 7 diapers for the basic shape. A burp cloth was added and a washcloth for the nipple. Pink ribbon creates the rim for the nipple. The ribbon on these gifts can be various colors to match themes, color schemes, or the gender of the expected baby. I think this configuration is much more identifiable as a bottle and the size I chose means that this adorable gift is available at a very affordable price. I will likely add an embellishment or two to orders. Similar to my other gifts, the bottle will be presented on a cake board and wrapped for gifting. I'm excited about this new addition and can't wait to start making them for expectant moms!

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