Monday, May 30, 2011

On the go and on a roll...

I recently felt like I was losing momentum because I had tried so many new things in the past month and added so many new things to my product line. May 2011 has been an exciting month! In my attempt to maintain the same "super drive" I've been on, I sought out some new projects.

My goal this time was to see if I could master the elusive motorcycle cake. These I've seen before in a few places. While there seem to be hundreds of companies or individuals that make diaper cakes in just as many styles and variations, only a handful of them make the motorcycle diaper cakes. Along with those, you can also find tricycles and with even less frequency, a four-wheeler. I've always been intrigued by these. I've always seemed to have difficulty figuring out how they were put together. I really thought that it would be rather difficult and before I'd been very hesitant to try.

I have to admit I was really surprised at how cute my first attempt at making a motorcycle turned out. The wheels of the bike are made from diapers arranged similarly to how they would be done in a spiral style cake. Receiving blankets are used to create a sort of frame and handle bars. Many people that make these "cakes" will use bibs for other components of the motorcycle, but since I didn't have any handy, I substituted prefold diapers/burp cloths which worked nicely. A small bottle was placed below the handle bars to act as a headlight for the motorcycle. For a final touch, a stuffed rabbit (my own stuffed animal) was seated on the bike as a rider.

After taking several pictures from different angles of the motorcycle, I wanted to try my hand at the tricycle. Many of the components of the tricycle are very similar to that of the motorcycle, the main difference being that there are two wheels in the rear that are smaller than the larger front wheel. For this vehicle, I used the same pieces from the motorcycle and built up a tricycle. I may make a few adjustments for future tricycles by adding more pieces, and by that I mean more baby items. I also noticed that pictures don't really do it justice since it's hard to see the detail on this "cake" which is a bit frustrating.

Because these first trials came out so well, I will go ahead and consider these part of my product line to offer more options for customers. I'm very excited about this since I was so hesitant to try it out before. I'm going to try to consider other options of unique or less frequently seen diaper "cakes" so I have not only more options but I can offer gifts that people may not have seen before or something that may tie in closer to a set theme for a shower or nursery. If nothing else, I suppose I set a precedence of experimenting with new things as well as expanding my product line, so I suppose I need to see if I can keep up the pace in June and beyond.

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